2015 Portage County Cultural Festival - May 9th

The Portage County Cultural Festival is a one-day event designed to celebrate ethnic diversity in Portage County, Wisconsin.  Over the past 20+ years, the festival has grown beyond our founders' wildest dreams.  Each year, the event attracts approximately 15,000 people of all ages and with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. As the reputation of the event expands to that as of one of the premier cultural festivals in the Midwest, the Portage County Cultural Festival is attracting more exhibitors, food vendors, entertainers and attendees from a wider geographic area. The Portage County Cultural Festival provides an opportunity to sample food, music, folk dances, native crafts and children's games from around the world. Most importantly, this event provides the opportunity for people of different cultures to get together for a day of fun, food, and learning.

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2015 Festival 

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